Friday, 10 October 2008

Shyness and Short

Ever since my father's divorce I became more and more closed to myself. When I was younger, I was much more open to people, made friends very easily. Now I don't talk and have lost some great opportunities for my future because of being so shy, so closed. Now my problem is people are always telling me to be more open to not be afraid to talk, well it's easier said then done. People must think I choose to be this way, to cut myself from people, people must think it's so easy to be like that, that they think I simply don't want to. Well it's not easy at least to me, I try to be more open, but it's hard. And what really annoys me is people accusing me of not trying, of wasting goods things simply because I'm to closed...


Anyway back to more arty stuff I'm going to right a short story, probably really short just a few paragraphs about crisis, since it's it's an on going theme. Now I have the title picked, but I'm only going to say it as a teaser if people are interested. So if you want a teaser for this short story leave a comment, otherwise thank you for reading. ;)


On other news bought a new Lego set yehhhhh. Yes I love Lego and have no problem saying it, don't know why most people at least here in Portugal say it's kids stuff.
It's a Lego Creator 3 in 1 car set, a small one.


Cara_de_Lua said...

LEGO!? Muito bom! Saudades de ver as prateleiras dos supermercados repletas de LEGOs..

Pedro said...

Agora só tem tipo uma parte da prateleira, só no Toys'R'us é que se vê.
Estou desejoso de por as minhas mãos nos Legos do Star Wars.